A House + Your Dream + My Passion = A Better Home

When I introduce Silver Elm Studio at various networking functions, I am often asked why I decided to start my own business, and why I have chosen architecture as a career.  The shorter version of a long story is that after a few seasons of work, much soul searching, and self actualization work, I came to accept that, first of all I enjoy and  am good at designing homes. Second, I enjoy working directly with people. And lastly, I have not found any other career options that I would give me the satisfaction i find at the end of a successful project.

So why an architectural design company in San Gabriel Valley area?

  • There are many old homes in San Gabriel Valley that need major renovation. A lot of these old homes are very charming, but are small and outdated.  Not everyone likes or can afford, the brand new houses built by the developers, but they do not like the condition of these old homes either.  Homeowners need to be educated about the options, possibilities, and the process to upgrade these houses in order to make the wisest design and financial decisions for their homes.
  • Homeowners purchase houses with a dream of how life would be living there.  HGTV has influenced their expectations on the design process and construction.  Taking an existing house and remodeling it to fit the new owners desires is something I have found fulfilling and fun to do. I am familiar with working with various city jurisdictions in the San Gabriel Valley area to get approvals and permits for home remodeling. I also know how to put together construction documents that are clear and easy to understand in order to ensure the house will be built according to what the owner envisions.
  • My mind is constantly looking for ways to “create better space.” I find it enjoyable to create, design, and to improve spaces. Any space is worthy of design,  from my children’s play corner, to rearranging a friend’s office space, or figuring out ways to make my great grandma’s home safer for her to remain independent.  I enjoy problem solving and thinking outside of the box, and use that enjoyment when thinking of ways to make a “space” that is enjoyable, useful, and pleasant.

So, as I mentioned earlier, Silver Elm Studio is a start up company, and it is still figuring out sales pitches and marketing strategies to compete against all other designers, architects, and developers in San Gabriel Valley and the greater Los Angeles area.  For now, this will do, until further inspiration hits:

  • Silver Elm Studio’s mission is to build and remodel homes that are custom fitted to the needs of its clients in the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding area.
  • It will distinguish itself by the attention and quality of care provided by the designer through the entire process of home improvement.
  • It’s vision is to contribute to the physically disabled in our society by creating homes that will fit their mobility needs.

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