Reclaimed Wood

Two of our Core Values at Silver Elm Studio are to be Quality Driven and to positively Influence
the Future. One of the ways in which we implement these values is to consider the building
materials we use for each project. The surge of green building and remodeling concepts has
made reclaimed wood an appealing option over using first-generation forested lumber.
Reclaimed wood is lumber that was previously used but is now restored and made ready for a
new purpose.

Although it can be more expensive because of how it has to be prepared for consumer use,
reclaimed wood gives us many reasons to consider it in today’s designs.

  • Reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly. Using wood that has a past life helps
    reduce deforestation and landfill. Much of the reclaimed lumber is sourced from old
    barns, ships, buildings, railroads, pallets, and more. By using this wood, we’re making a
    dent in the number of trees cut each day and keeping old wood out of landfills.
  • With age comes wisdom. This is somewhat true for reclaimed wood, too. Reclaimed
    wood comes from trees that are considered old-growth trees, meaning they were from
    older forests than we have today, and therefore the wood is stronger. Using reclaimed
    lumber ensures a stronger product every time.
  • When looking for creative, unique and out of the ordinary materials, the weathered and
    aged look of reclaimed wood is a highly desirable option. Not only does the wood have a
    natural form of patina, but it also comes with a story that reveals an interesting piece of
    history within a new project.

If you are looking to add a unique element to your home, we suggest using reclaimed wood as
part of your design. You can be certain you’ll be getting a quality product and helping the
environment at the same time.


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