Why I run.

Running is fun. The best run for me is along the mountain nature trails in the morning, when it
feels as though everything around me is waking up, fresh and new. While I find running is
positive for me personally, I know that when I run it also benefits others and my business.
There is a positive energy from running that influences each part of my life.

Running for Me

My body enjoys the motion and rhythm of the pace and the forward movement of each step I
take. I find that running helps release any stress I have built up and helps clear my mind. It has
kept me in relatively good shape and strengthens me—heart, soul, and body. I feel great when
I’m running.

Running for Family and Friends

Running benefits those around me, too. I notice a difference in the way I interact with my
children; I have greater patience and endurance to keep up with their daily needs. When I’m in
a consistent running routine, there’s extra positive energy that flows into my relationships with
family and friends. I love that my persistence in running is an inspiration for others to live a
healthier lifestyle, too, and encourages them to set and achieve personal goals.

Running for My Business

When I run, I recognize the positive benefits it has on the health of my business. The more I
keep a consistent running schedule, the better I feel, and that positive energy permeates to the
working relationships with my team and clients. I find that I have better clarity and focus of
mind, I’m more productive, and the creativity flows out of me.

Your designer/architect plays an important role in affecting the space being designed and
created for you. When I am in a healthy place, my design influence promotes a healthy home
environment, productive energy in the home, and the positive “Chi” the family experiences in
their new space.

Incorporating running into my life offers so many benefits to myself and all those with whom I
interact. I love how keeping this one practice in my life has far reaching positive influence in the
world I affect.

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